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 Swap Meet Special new project bike

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PostSubject: Swap Meet Special new project bike   Sat 19 Mar - 15:32

This is ANOTHER build i'm doing. I know, I have too many already but... this one is a 24" frame that I don't know what manufacturer made it but it will fit really easy in the trunk of my car when I go to L.A. so I don't have to drive my truck which is a gas hog! Anyway, this whole bike has been pieced together from our very own swap meet forum (hence the name). Thanks to everyone for the great parts. I desperately NEED some 24"x3" tires for this so please pm me if you guys have anything. I'd like blackwall Thick bricks or some whitewall Fatti-O's would be kool too. The plan is to fill in the tank completely, fill behind the seat and where the kickstand goes, and paint the bike bright red with white scallops on it like the So-Cal speed shop 32 ford paint scheme. Pretty much it will be my impression of a hot rod bike. This is a very basic mock up. More pictures soon when I get some tires and the fork chopped down and mounted up.
Update!! Ok I really wanted to save this build for the RRB's build off but i'm doing frame mods so it would be disqualified and I honestly can't wait any longer to finish this one! So here's what i've done so far. I decided to chop down the neck a bit to "squash" the headbadge and headlight right in between upper and lower fork plates. It would essentially tidy things up a bit, so I chopped a 1/4 inch off top and bottom. I know it's only a 1/2 inch but looks are everything to me.
Next I threw a seat up there to see how peddling will be. Not to bad considering this is a 24" frame and sits pretty low but I don't want to hit my knees to my chest so i've decided to move the seatpost back 2" to put the seat a lot closer to the rear tire like a typical bobber motorcycle would be. It also makes the frame and gaps flow better. So I will have to pie cut the seat tube down at the bottom bracket in back, cut the welds up top and pull the seat tube back until it touches the rear fender mount/frame spacer bar right in front of the rear tire there. I was going to go the easy way out and just make a lucky 7 style seatpost to move the seat back but asthetically again, it would clean things up.
So here's a before, side shot before I cut and tilt that seatpost back where I want it. I will cut the bottom of the top tube off where it hangs under the cantilever bars and cap it off. The bike will be getting a welded in tank also so the frame will be smoothed out and cleaned up like a high tech hot rod would be. More updates to come so stay tuned!!
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PostSubject: Re: Swap Meet Special new project bike   Sun 20 Mar - 9:51

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Swap Meet Special new project bike
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